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What Our Customers Say

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I just wanted to let you know that I was really impressed by Gary’s SASS Outreach worker Bob, and Josh’s SASS Outreach worker Riley.


Both Josh and Gary appear to have remained engage in their external Outreach today and both reported that the SASS Farm was a highlight.


Bob is warm and supportive towards Gary and seems to have built a really strong relationship with Gary. I have noticed that Bob’s arrival tends to motivate Gary to get up and get out into the community immediately!


I was also impressed at how well Riley appeared to engage with Josh. Josh has historically, often struggled to connect with his Outreach workers and use his Outreach time effectively, so it was wonderful to hear him coming home excited about his time on Outreach. I particularly noted that Josh reported that he really enjoyed engaging with others at the SASS farm.


To date, all SASS Outreach workers that I have encountered appear to be really committed to developing a positive relationship with our clients and ensuring that they have a positive experience whilst on Outreach.

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It has been lovely to meet you all. I just wanted to say thank you for your support over the last two weeks. It has been wonderful to have down to earth, honest and reliable people, who understand without judgement, and who have come through, at a pivotal time for us as a family.

Thank you so very much for coming in and providing us with support, honesty, compassion, intelligence and integrity!

Our son has warmed up well to you all, and is enjoying spending time at Ironstone Hill.

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We are so proud of the improvements we have seen recently in Alice's behaviours and general happiness since commencing services with SASS.


Her support workers  have created a real bond with Alice and we have seen such a dramatic  and positive shift. 

Thank you so much SASS for continuing to go above and beyond for our daughter.