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Meet Our Animals

Jean Claude Van Ram

Jean is our pure breed Marino Lamb. He loves his milk and a pat under the chin. Jean has a set of lungs that would put Jimmy Barnes to shame. 


Baaa-Bra Streisand

Baaa-Bra like her mate Jean could wake the dead with her voice. We are fairly certain that Mary Had a Little Lamb was written about Baaa-Bra as she will follow you anywhere you will go. 



Monty is everyone’s cup of tea. He loves classic jazz, debating foreign politics and his favourite movie is Animal House.



OJ is somewhat cantankerous and enjoys complaining about how slow lines at the supermarket move. He loves a good carrot and a belly rub.



Barry is one of our guardians of the farm and is charged with the responsibility of protecting the other furries (a job he takes very seriously).

IMG_0373 2.HEIC


Al loves a good hand feed and is known to follow our resident Riley around the yard. He and Barry are constantly in the naughty corner for fighting. 

Kate Wing-slet

Kate really is the 'Heart of the Ocean'. She somehow finds her way out of the yard on a daily basis.


Gwyneth Poultry

Gwyneth is very sneaky at escaping her 'Sliding Doors'. She is constantly on high alert to stop Jean and Baaa-Bra from stealing her grain. 

Rabbit Deniro

Rabbit is packed full of energy and very rarely sits still (hence the photo in the cage as we couldn't get him to sit still for a photo). He loves pilates, plant-based diets and the occasional ear rub.

IMG_0335 2.HEIC
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